Joint declaration on Energy Union proposals to unlock the benefits of demand-side flexibility and energy efficiency

Wednesday, June 15th, 2016


The SEDC, together with a group of 15 organisations representing various actors from the EU energy sector,  have signed a joint declaration in the context of the ongoing  the discussion on the Energy Union.

We put forward seven recommendations to drive an interactive demand side in the energy markets, and unlock the benefits of a sustainable, decentralised and consumer-focused energy system.


The seven proposals detailed in this declaration are:

1. Providing market access for all demand-side resources
2. Promoting scarcity pricing and dynamic tariffs
3. Establishing the right for consumers to self generate and consume
4. Establishing system-wide adequacy assessments
5. Ensuring “Efficiency First” in system operation
6. Promoting the deployment of smart and integrated energy solutions
7. Ensuring better market surveillance & governance.


Addressing these challenges is essential to delivering a smart and efficient energy system, promoting European competitiveness and the decarbonsation agenda.

The declaration is available by clicking the link below.