Common Statement on The European Dream we share, sixty years after the Treaties of Rome: clean energy, innovation and jobs

Friday, March 24th, 2017

The SEDC, together with a group of 6 organisations representing various actors from the EU energy sector,  have published a common statement on the European dream and the clean energy transition.

A common energy policy was at the heart of the European project at its inception. Bringing  strategic assets together was seen as a stepping stone to rebuild a war shaken continent.  The resulting peace and prosperity allowed Europeans to work together on a coordinated energy policy hinging on a liberalized energy market with power- and gas networks integrated across borders. In parallel, ambitious sustainability goals have been developed,clean tech is on the rise and the idea of an Energy Union, a European energy transition for all Europeans is gaining ground.

The European dream that we share is a Europe that leads in innovation and on the Fourth Industrial Revolution, that successfully combats climate change, and that ensures opportunity and unmatched living standards to more than 500 million citizens. It is a Europe that creates jobs and takes advantage of its diversity to build on its most successful experiences.

You may find the full statement by clicking on the link below.