VPPs, Energy Storage Systems and Renewable Energy Cooperatives – 28 February 2017, Poland

Friday, September 23rd, 2016

This event will gather experts and representatives of the energy sector – including renewable energy industry – and allow them to exchange experience and knowledge in reference to RES investments, technological discoveries and innovative solutions in the energy sector.

In Poland, the issue of renewable energy generation is becoming significantly more important due to the series of changes in the energy policy regarding Renewable Energy Sources regulations, as well as the recently announced new government strategy called „Market of Power” – similar in its strategy to the policy implemented by the Great Britain’s „Energy Policy Reform” in 2010. Soon new forms of utilizing the RES will emerge on the Polish market, Renewable Energy Cooperatives, which in relation to technologies like Virtual Power Plants and advanced Energy Storage systems, may greatly increase stability, reliability and efficiency of renewable energy generation. In order to be competitive on the market, RES companies need to monitor their production and analyse market demand, all in the effort to create an effective and profitable sale strategy.

VPP is a system that integrates different types of renewable power sources (wind-turbines, hydro, photovoltaics etc.), IT infrastructure and management platform – all controlled and monitored by a central authority in the effort to create a reliable, stable and efficient power supply. Power supply which can be used either to fulfil energy demand of a single industrial installation or be integrated in the energy grid, increasing its energy effectiveness.

Among our Guest Speakers / Experts in the 2nd editions:

  • Lars Kegel, Institute for System Architecture, Technische Universitat Dresden, presenting Project “GOFLEX” in cooperation with TSOs and DSOs and European Commission, as part of the EU programme HORIZON 2020.
  • Milan Vukasovic, International Project Manager, Austrian Power Grid AG (Austria)
  • Dietmar Gross, VPP Projects, RWE / Innogy SE (Germany)
  • Janne Haponnen, Vice President, FORTUM Oy (Finland)
  • Florian Reinke, Energy Economics Senior Analyst, 50HERTZ Transmission GmbH (Germany)
  • Markus Logren, Development Manager, Energy Solutions, HELEN Oy (Finland)
  • Stanislas d’Herbemont, Vice President, REScoop.eu (European Association of Renewable Energy Cooperatives)
  • Zbigniew Hanzelka, Institute of Energy Electronics and Energy Processing System Automatization, AGH University of Science and Technology in Kraków.
  • Stanisław Pietruszko, President, the Polish Association of Photovoltaics (PTPV)
  • Grzegorz Wiśniewski, President, Institute of Renewable Energy EC BREC (IEO EC BREC)
  • Grzegorz Skarżyński, Vice President, the Polish Association of Wind Energy (PSEW)
  • Tomasz Koropis, Vice President, the Polish Association for Small Hydropower Development (TRMEW)
  • Sylwia Koch-Kopyszko, President, Union of Producers and Entrepreneurs in Biogas Industry (UPEBI)
  • inż Piotr Szeląg, Institute of Energy, Electric Engineering Department, Czestochowa University of Technology
  • inż Sebastian Dudzik, Institute of Electronics and Control Systems, Electric Engineering Department, Czestochowa University of Technology

The upcoming 2nd edition of the Seminar will focus on problems like:

  • Regulations and investments for „Virtual Power Plants” and „Energy Storage systems” implementation and development
  • Legal and commercial aspects of VPP and dispersed energy integration with the energy grid in Poland
  • The potential of Renewable Energy Cooperatives / Clusters as a way of effective utilization of renewable energy.
  • Virtual Power Plants and Energy Storage systems as reliable methods of RES management
  • Market strategies and business models of VPP and ESS technology implementation in Europe.
  • Advanced Energy Storage systems – new solutions, technologies and investments.


More information about the Seminar can be found on: www.cbepolska.pl

ph./fax: +48 22 82 77 123

e-mail: biuro@cbepolska.pl